The Best Grain Free Dog Food

The Best Grain Free Dog Food

What makes the best grain free dog food?

What ingredients make the best grain free dog food diet? While many of our readers ask this question, many still feel unsure of whether or not they should make the switch. Seems like there is an ever-increasing number of dog food options to chose from. Consequently, it leaves pet parents overwhelmed and the decision to switch to a grain free dog food diet never happens.

What is a healthy dog food diet?

Due to a lack of understanding, we believe it is best to simply understand what a healthy, complete diet looks like for your dog. Whilst a grain free or raw dog food. The benefits are clear and simple. 

Most noteworthy, from a biological standpoint, scientists have proven your dog’s digestive system is almost identical to that of a wild animal.  It contains special enzymes and good bacteria that break down raw meat. The enzymes in their saliva help with this process. The rest of their bodies are designed for breaking down proteins to turn into energy.

The best grain free diets allow dogs to eat as if they were in the wild. A rule of thumb for the best dog food diet is as follows: If your dog wouldn’t eat it in the wild it doesn’t belong in their bowl.

What is grain free also can be written as grain-free dog food?

Recently, the grain free dog food diet has been receiving much attention. Furthermore increasing our readers’ curiosity on what exactly is grain-free dog food? Grain free dog food means high protein, low carbohydrate diet but that does not always mean low or no carb. It is imperative to read the labels and understand what ingredients may be replacing the fillers, soy, and preservatives in a grain free brand’s ingredients.

The best grain free dog food requires the elimination of all grains which include barley, corn, durum, kamut, oats, rice, rye, sorghum, spelt, tuff, triticale, wheat (all varieties), wild rice and whole grains.

Although raw dehydrated, grain free options provide a low carb benefit, surprisingly some brands contain carbohydrate levels equal to or higher than diets containing grains. While there is the exception of raw diet options, most store-bought grain free dog foods use ingredients like potatoes to replace the grains in the food. Yet, these ingredients have more carbohydrates than the common grains used in pet food.

The science behind the best grain free dog food

As a result of the advancements in modern technology, it’s allowed for unprecedented growth within the animal food sector. Science now helps combat the ailments and diseases that are plaguing our animals.  Ways to prevent and overcome cancer, illness, obesity and other health concerns affecting the lifespans of our 4-legged loved ones. Research gives insight into the importance of actually going ‘back in time’. Revealing the importance of feeding them as nature intended.

Join the movement to take fillers out of your dog’s diet and bring them back to life!

This is what our dogs want to eat.


Well, it looks more like this…

The way our dogs are designed to eat. Raw, real, meat.

Many dog owners choose to feed grain free dog food or gluten free foods for many health reasons. However, there are a lot of paw parents who don’t even realize they NEED to switch for the plethora of medical reasons. Many pet parents choose to feed their dog naturally because grain free diets are an ideal choice for dogs that have food allergies.

Best dog food for sensitive stomachs

Your dog may have an allergy to grains or other fillers in their food if they experience the following symptoms:

  • Itchiness
  • Excessive hair loss
  • Bald patches
  • Inflamed skin
  • Sore and scabs
  • “Hot spots”

A raw dehydrate dog food or grain free dog food will be the best option for dogs with sensitive stomachs or allergies listed above.

Best grain free dog foods

Consequently, lower-quality brands rely heavily on starches, grains, and byproducts for fillers. Since this helps to keep the cost down on production, thus increasing profits. In addition to these fillers, certain store brands of kibble include majority genetically-modified corn or wheat. Frighteningly, we still don’t fully understand the effects of GMO ingredients on dogs. If the food your dog is eating is free of grain, by-products, cornmeal and numerous chemicals you can not pronounce, it leaves more room for MEAT and PROTEIN.

Most of all, your dog’s body craves protein for optimal performance. Top quality grain free dog foods use higher-quality ingredients in general, such as real chicken, beef, whitefish, salmon, tuna, and egg shells.

Below is an image of Smack dog food’s best selling grain free dog food, Chunky Chicken. You can fill out the questionnaire to see if your dog would fair well on this recipe or one of the others they create.

These ingredients are found in Smack dog food. Raw, organic, real food. What your dog desires.

Update: I just saw that Smack Dog Foods is currently offering a 20% discount on their most popular food flavors. Use this link to get 20% off your first order now!


Considering the premium ingredients inside each bag of Smack, this sale is a really big deal. I’m guessing that Smack is probably losing money on this sale.

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