The Dog Food Industry Secrets Revealed

The Dog Food Industry Secrets Revealed

The Dog Food Industry Explained & Exposed

Want an easy solution to this? We did some digging, and have come up with a solution to combat the ‘big brands’ that are pulling the fur over our eyes. So much so that the majority of pet owners can honestly say they do not know what they are feeding dogs. Being informed is the best way to beat the cheats and give your pet the quality they deserve!

To our dog’s misfortune, big conglomerate dog food companies have spent decades crafting the best way to market to pet parents. Unfortunately, pet parents blindly assume they are putting quality food in ‘Fido’s’ bowl. Notwithstanding, the industry professionals strategically place beautiful pictures of freshly caught fish, hand picked vegetables, and ‘premium’ poultry and beef. This genius marketing tactic has led to the front of the bag is the exact reason many pet parents choose their dog’s food.

What Is The Dog Food Industry?

The pet food industry is a 70 BILLION dollar industry! Evidently, cutting costs at any turn to keep margins high is the #1 priority. Caring for our dog’s health often does not get accounted for when creating dog food formulas.

30 years ago dogs were not dying in droves from various cancers, liver and kidney disease. In fact, this is a relatively new phenomenon. Thankfully, technology has drastically prolonged the lives of humans. Unfortunately, we have cut our best friends lives short in the same vein. The truth about dog food is revealed when looking at the pet food industry. They are at the forefront of this epidemic.

How Can Dog Parents Make The Right Decision?

Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to choosing your pet’s food. We must read all of the ingredients listed on the back of the bag. Almost everything—the text, the pictures—on the front is for marketing purposes.

Other than the name, quantity and the brand, there is no useful information on the front that pertains to your the food’s quality or real components. Marketing claims like “premium,” “ultra-premium,” “joint healthy,” “human-grade,” or “immune supporting” are frequently placed on the front of pet foods but have no legal definition under AAFCO.

Staggering Statistics


Now What? We Have The Answer: Smack Dog Food

To much relief, there is a company that trumps the industry and doesn’t see profit as it’s #1 priority. Rather it is the lives of the pets that take precedence.

The SECRET behind Smack’s foods is that it is made with raw, organic ingredients. Conveniently dehydrated so they have just as long shelf-life and no mess as other dog foods such as Pedigree, Walmart brand, Petco, Petsmart, and all other top dry dog food brands. 

This unique concept gives pet parents the benefits of a raw diet but with the convenience of kibble. SMACK Pet Food is made with “human grade” ingredients. Dog parents receive custom recipes only contain around 15 ingredients with PROTEIN accounting for 55% of the ingredient content. Notably, this dog food is grain free, gluten free, and low glycemic index. They also contain zero synthetics or artificial flavors. This solution could not be easier for you, or healthier for your pet.


What Happens When You Feed Your Dog SMACK?

Day 1:
My dog was curious and actually got up to eat when I put the food in his bowl immediately, it was obvious he could smell a difference.

Day 30:
My Dog’s breath didn’t smell like rotten fish anymore and his farts stopped clearing out the room! His “number 2” was also solid every time, which was a change from the runny issues he was having before. And because I feed him less cups because there is no filler, there is much less waste to clean up off his puppy pad and in the yard!

Day 60:
His coat is so much shinier, and he is not scratching as much. His is not biting his paws after eating all the time and the redness in his paws and on his belly has disappeared. I learned that his coat is so much healthier because 40% of the protein a dog eats goes into their skin and coat, so with him eating more protein and REAL meats his body was getting the nutrients it needed to be at its best!

Day 120:
We went to our vet check today and our vet could not believe the transformation since his appointment when it was discovered his food was causing all of his issues. His weight was normal, his gum health was the best it has ever been and the vet explained his boost in energy and temperament was do to the reduction in carbohydrate fillers his body was being overfed with on his previous “Premium” kibble.

The Educated Pet Parent

Most notably, Smack has a proven formula. Such a complete diet is made from the animal proteins and fresh veggies your dog’s body has been missing. For the educated pet parent, Smack Pet Food is the clear choice for your dog’s overall health. This company has finally found a way to break the mold of the pet food industry. The dirty secrets of the pet food industry limiting your dog’s years, can now be put to rest with Smack. Your dog can live the healthy, long life they deserve.


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