The Facts of Shedding & The Solution

The Facts of Shedding & The Solution

Your pet's coat is one of the most important factors that aid in protecting your pet. Healthy fur covers their skin, guards them against elements and regulate their temperature. Shedding is a natural process for both dogs and cats that allows them to discard old or harmed hair and keep their coat healthy by generating new hair. There are several elements that contribute to how often your pet sheds. 

- The season can great impact how much your pet is shedding. Animals frequently grow a heavier coat in cold, winter months and shed it in warmer, spring months. If your pet stays indoors most of the time, their shedding can remain fairly level throughout the year.

- The breed type greatly impacts how much your pet sheds. Long haired breeds such as German Shepherds, Siberian Husky's, or for cat's Maine Coon's, and Persians shed much more frequently than short haired breeds. Some long haired breeds with finer hair don't shed as much but in most cases all breeds shed to a certain extent. 

- Your pet's nutrition is another huge element in how frequently they shed. A balanced and natural diet makes a big difference in keeping both your pet's skin healthy. High quality pet foods ensure they're providing a fully balanced diet without additives, supplements or filler that could interfere with your pet's overall health or jeopardize pets with allergies or finicky tummy's. Making sure your pet has the right amount of lean proteins, fruits and vegetables, the right amount of fats and fatty acids, with no fillers or starchy elements goes a long way for your pet's skin and coat health.  A lack of nutrition and stress can lead to excessive shedding in some pets. 

- Keeping your pet well hydrated also contributes to your pet having a healthy, shiny coat. 

There are many steps you can take to keeping your pet's fur and skin at optimal health and also make your life a little easier by easing their shedding at certain times of year when it can be more persistent. Instead of spending your time sweeping up the tumbleweeds that accumulate behind furniture and in corners, you can spend more time playing and caring for your pet. By providing a healthy, balanced diet as a pivotal part of your pet's routine, you can almost guarantee a shiny, flourishing coat that sheds the right amount at the right time of year. 

One of our go-to reliable pet foods we provide is SMACK Raw Dehydrated Pet Food. Coming in a variety of tasty flavors that your pet will lap up, they make 100% organic, GMO-free, gluten-free, grain-free recipes that include all the ingredients that your pet not only craves but are essential to a balanced, healthy diet for your pet and will keep their fur beautiful and well-nourished. 

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