Tips On Camping With Your Dog.

Tips On Camping With Your Dog.

Spring is here, and it couldn’t be any more perfect to go camping with your dog. I fell in love with camping from the very first time I stepped foot onto a camp site. I just loved the sense of adventure it gave me. The freedom expressed through exploration and minimalism. So when I took my dog for the first time…it elevated my experience to a whole new level.

However, there are some rules that all pet-parents need to abide by when taking your dog camping. Thankfully, most camp sites allow canines to join in on the adventure. All it takes is some planning. Trust us, our furry friends are the only one’s having more fun then we are when we go camping with dogs.


National, State, And Local Parks

Easily enough, the rules for dogs are listed on every park’s website. The National Park Service map is a helpful resource for learning more about rules across the park system.

The same guideline for national parks applies to state and local parks: Rules vary, so you will need to consider your daytime plans and check with the agency that manages the land.


Tips for camping with your dog

Your dog is will be with  you the entire time. Don’t plan to leave your buddy at camp alone at any time of the trip. Even during your day hikes, most often it is prohibited. This is for the well-being of your dog’s safety and being thoughtful to other campers. Too many factors can quickly change for your dog to not be with you the whole time. Make sure to plan your daily activities around your dog’s presence. Pack dry food, for easy transportation and plenty of water.

Keep your dog on a leash when at camp. Your dog’s natural instincts kick in when out in the open. There are plenty of tempting aromas sizzling BBQ’s, wildlife, and lakes. The outdoors have a way of making everything a perfect play-date.  Campgrounds nearly universally require that dogs remain on leashes of no longer than 6 feet.

Use pick-up bagsThere should be no trace of your dog ever being there. Here are great bags to add to your travel pack. Never ever leave your dog’s business in the wild. The implications are more severe then we think. The bacteria in a dog’s feces changes the PH of soil, contaminating indigenous wildlife, feed and fauna.

Plan on Sleeping With Your Dog. Nothing more then a safe way to keep your dog away from harm during the night’s active outdoor.  Plus it gives you a reason to cuddle with your best-bud.


Hammock Camping With Your Dog

Pack provisions. When camping with dogs you’ll want to pack a bag for them too. Yes, it may sound silly but you’ll not want to forget anything for them either. Their overnight bag should include a bow, water, a zip-lock bag, pick-up bags, and dry dehydrated food. This ‘overnight bag’, can be a backpack that will double as your hiking or day-pack so you can carry a small amount of dog food (in zip-lock), one or two pick-up bags and water for you both.

Food should never stay out.  Leaving dog food out sends the wrong message to other wildlife. We suggest packing your dog food into a Tupperware with sealed lid; This will double as storage for the left over and your dog’s bowl.

Nothing is better then getting into your tent and snuggling with your pup. We’ve experienced that safety and real adventure play magically together when camping with dogs. It’s not the easiest way to travel but it is always worth having our dogs with us in the great outdoors.

I would absolutely love to see any photos or videos you have of you and your fur-baby camping. I’d like to have you featured on our Waggles Wall. Please comment below with it or you can write me directly at


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