TOXIC Dog Food: Are We Feeding This To Our Dog Babies?!

TOXIC Dog Food: Are We Feeding This To Our Dog Babies?!

The Deceptive Pet Food Industry is finally being EXPOSED! The Dog Food Industry Is Not All That It’s Cracked Up To Be. In fact, it’s truly manipulative. 

The pet food industry is a $100 billion industry annually nationwide. It’s no secret that big-time companies try to cut corners to pad the bottom line. The large pet food brands are no different. As avid dog lovers, we have taken the time to research the dog food industry. We now have enough evidence to expose the secrets no one wants you to know. We uncover how one dog food company, Smack Dog Foods is breaking the mold! Literally it’s the only 5star rated dog food in all of Canada!

The best dog food on the market finally here in the USA


Is The Food Your Feeding Your Dog TOXIC?


Top dog food brands use these ingredients as fillers to substitute the scarcity of quality proteins and ingredients used.


Feed Grade Vs Human Grade

Although pet food is technically ‘regulated’ by the FDA, the loopholes to passing required benchmarks are appalling. The ‘cheat’ that supermarket brands use is classifying food as Feed Grade rather than Human Grade significantly lowers the standard of passing as “food”. Feed-grade has diminished regulation and is of significantly lower quality than Human Grade. Therefore, even if companies claim that their products are healthy, they often still use subpar ingredients. As scary as all this is, we have found a solution!

I have made it my goal to find foods that are toxin-free. We are finding companies that put the health and well being of our pets above their own profits. Actively seeking out companies that disrupt the industry for the better. One such company we’ve discovered is Smack Dog Foods. Smack’s founder lost his dog Zorro to the chemicals and toxins in store-bought kibble. He swore he would do everything he could to stop it from happening to someone else. Smack prides themselves on offering the highest quality, human grade pet food. It is free of low-quality ingredients like high in corn, wheat, and meat by-products (having little to no nutritional value for animals). Zorro’s death was tragic but thankfully not in vain.

“I knew there was dyer need for someone to take control of this industry and provide pet parents with a healthy, raw, organic diet option that was affordable and convenient. Providing their pets with food good enough to put on your table is the standard we live by!

What Makes Smack Different From ALL Other Brands?

The SECRET behind Smack’s foods is it’s made with raw, organic ingredients that are dehydrated. This unique treatment gives dogs the benefits of a raw diet but with the convenience of normal dry kibble food. SMACK dog foods are made with “human grade” ingredients. The food is grain free, gluten free, and low glycemic index. This quality dog food contains zero synthetics or artificial flavors. The answer to all of your problems and a concern as a pet parent are finally solved!


With an emphasis on the LACK of quality ingredients in other pet food brands, it is refreshing to see the labels on SMACK brand foods. The recipes have as few as 11 ingredients. All three dog food recipes are organic and natural with REAL Proteins. The Smack company makes the ingredients their #1 priority. For example, their Caribbean-Salmon Fusion has ingredients that are 55% wild salmon, millet seed, coconut, organic spinach, celery, organic carrot, organic pineapple, organic parsley, thyme, marjoram, and peppermint. In comparison, 2 other the most popular brands of kibble Taste of the Wild’s Salmon dog food has 43 ingredients, and Blue’s Life Protection Formula has 69 ingredients.

“Premium” dog food brands like these, sell millions and millions of dollars of dog food, yet the number one ingredient as ground yellow corn and lullaby chicken by-product meal. All this time you thought “Premium” proteins were in the food but actual meat is not even listed on the ingredients label! Correct, no beef, no chicken, no lamb, no fish or any type of raw REAL proteins. The types of proteins that a dog’s body craves and requires for an optimal life are not included in conventional, big brand dog food. If you wouldn’t eat it, your dog shouldn’t have it in their bowl!

How Does Smack Provide An Organic Raw Diet With Convenience?


Smack’s unique one of a kind formula provides raw dog food dehydrated for optimal storage, transportation, and freshness. Smack Dog Foods prepares their pet food fresh each day from their site just outside of Winnipeg in beautiful British Columbia Canada. All of their recipes start with 95% percent fresh meat, organs, and bone. Their ingredients mirror the whole prey meat-rich diet that dogs and cats require which is what kibble is clearly missing. They add in superfoods packed with vitamins and minerals known to fight cancer and improved overall health.

As a pet parent in today’s world, we feel the pressure from society for our dog to look their best, be the healthiest at the dog park, and love everyone, or we have failed as a parent. For the effort and love, we put into training our babies, taking them to the groomer and making the best choices for them we can’t slack where they need us the most, with what they eat! The prices of vet bills, medicine, and kibble from these fly by night companies can really put a dent in your wallet. Thankfully, this breakthrough by people who were sick of the same ongoing issues changed this industry forever!

The Proof Is In The Product:

Smack has been enthusiastically recommended by Dog Advisor. They were picked #1 out of more than 3,500 commercially reviewed dog foods. Recently, Smack Dog Foods had only been available in Canada. Their secret brand formulas were not sold in stores or to other brands.

The secret behind the Smack Pet Food story begins with the excellence in the formulation of their food. In their pursuit of making the world’s best food for pets, all Smack Dog Foods five-star rated, raw, dehydrated foods feature a short list of the world’s best ingredients. Organic and conventional whole superfood ingredients that are proven highly beneficial for health and are also lip-Smacking good. There are no fillers, gluten, or grain. Smack begins working immediately on Day 1. However, once used regularly for 6-8 weeks, the gradual and permanent effect is even more mind-blowing.

Don’t just take our word for it! Check out some of these amazing transformations submitted by our readers who credit extra doggie years and healthy pups to Smack Dog Foods!


Switching to Smack my dogs Max and Sierra have given them more vitality and have a much healthier weight! Sierra’s allergy issues have disappeared entirely. Both their energy levels have skyrocketed! I thought that as my dog’s got older I would have to deal with the fact that they wouldn’t have as much energy and be lethargic, but since switching to Smack they have thrived and are like puppies again! My only regret is not finding this solution for my furbabies sooner! –Chris Martin, North Carolina

For a few years, my Lab Aspen was experiencing diarrhea and vomiting. He was underweight. I was using food purchased from his veterinarian plus I was boiling chicken and white rice. Nothing was helping! I ventured into a pet supply store and explained the above. I was told to try small bags of multiple popular “premium” brands and his symptoms worsened. We spent thousands over the years and Aspen continued to have an upset stomach with every other dog food we tried. Finally, we found SMACK Chunky Chicken and he hasn’t had diarrhea or vomiting since! – Courtney Mathis, Pennsylvania

Rufus is my only child. I am so glad I found Smack for him! I don’t have time to make a raw diet for him every day and I would always forget to stop at the store to pick up the store brand kibble I used before. Ordering online to have the highest quality and freshest options possible for Rufus delivered right to my door has been a lifesaver! I’m a SMACK mom for life! – Marissa Simmons, Alabama

If I could give this food 10 stars I would! My German Shepherd Bella was having trouble keeping weight on after we adopted her and she refused to eat more than once a day. She began to be very tired and not wanting to play or go on morning runs anymore. After switching to SMACK she made a complete turn around in just a few months and she begs for more at meal time! I’m so glad I can feed Bella the standard of food that I eat everyday! – Sarah Myers, Texas


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