Twitter User Says ‘Moldy Kibble Dog Food Killed Her Dog’


@Iittssaavv used Twitter to go after the company publically; warning every dog parent out there about what Blue Buffalo’s “premium “ brand did. She showed photos of the moldy dog food evident all over the bag and food.


When I read about this tragedy I had to share it with our readers. These kinds of stories are why I am so adamant about educating the masses to the need for real, raw dehydrated food for our dogs everywhere. Here is one of many stories indicating that kibble dog food is dangerous for our pets. 


It was a tragic day for Twitter user @iittssaavv on the day she lost her fur-baby and best friend to Blue Buffalo’s moldy food. Kibble was fed to both of @iittssaavv’s dogs. Thankfully not both died. As she mourned the death of her one dog she still needed to hold strong for her other as it was battling through the same food poisoning.


Recall on Blue Buffalo kibble dog food.

Actual photo taken by grieving dog parent of moldy kibble that killed her dog


This mold is what allegedly made her two pets ill, causing one to die of a heart attack just days after eating the ‘healthy, holistic’ Blue Buffalo branded kibble. She stated that she found mold at the bottom of the bag. Unfortunately, days later she lost her baby Daisy. It was intended that this story does not go unheard. We must help spread the awareness to other pet owners that feed Blue Buffalo to their dogs.


In response to this incident, Blue Buffalo dog food apologized via Twitter and started to investigate the situation further. Meanwhile, the tweets from @iittssaavv went viral, receiving over 5,000 retweets. Eventually, Blue Buffalo had a recall on their Wilderness Rocky Mountain Recipe Red Meat Dinner. The company is not found legally liable for the mold.


Stories like these are more common than we may think. Horrifying stories of dog food circle the internet, and seemingly go unnoticed.


How can you as the owner avoid having to ever deal with poisonous dog food? It all starts with education. Educating oneself on the healthiest dog food brands, how to feed your pet the best dog treats and what is really going into your dog’s food. What you give your pet lies in your hands especially if you’re feeding your dog kibble dog food. 

What is Blue Buffalo Dog Food Manufacturer’s History?

It is important to learn about a dog food before purchasing it. Understanding a little bit more about the kibble dog food Blue Buffalo brand will help unravel the unfortunate events that lead to the above twitter user’s tragic story. Blue Buffalo touts its brand as a “healthy” one. A dog food company that owners can trust. With statements such as, “made with only the finest natural ingredients and real meat in every formula.” Blue Buffalo claims to ‘offer your dog the wholesome nutrition needed to support a healthy lifestyle for any breed at any age.’

You shouldn’t believe every dog food brand that claims to be healthy or wholesome until you have looked at and researched the ingredients for yourself.

For example, in 2015 an article was released that Blue Buffalo was lying about their ingredients. They have always claimed they don’t use poultry products in their pet food. However, when further testing and investigating was done, it was found that that claim was entirely false. The brand was then sued for false advertising.

Blue Buffalo dog food is full of false claims.

Your probably thinking, “how could I have trusted Blue Buffalo all this time?” It’s not just you, it’s everyone! Kibble dog food brands spend millions of dollars on branding, to effectively showcase a ‘favorable’ ‘trusted’ brand. A brand of perceived quality and nutrition. Read this article to learn about the untold truths about your dog’s food. Here you can learn more about policy and laws that dog food manufacturers are actually allowed to do.


Most brands in all actuality are one of deception. To avoid causing any harm to your dog through mass-produced dog food, here is how you can better ensure your pet is eating the right food:


How to Ensure Your Pet Is Eating Healthy Nutritionally Dense Food?


Why is it important to ensure your dog is eating healthy dog food? Not only is it supporting your pets health, but it establishes a strong foundation to their lives. Even the best Kibble dog food will not cut it. Helping secure your pet’s live the longest and fullest life so they are in your life for as long as possible. Just like any human, dogs deserve to be treated with utmost care, which starts with a healthy and wholesome diet. We love our furry friends, so it’s good to know what their bodies need to thrive. Here are some healthy ingredients you should strive to include in your dog’s diet:

  •    Millet
  •    Pumpkin
  •    Carrots
  •    Salmon
  •    Blueberries
  •    Egg shells
  •    Spinach
  •    Chicken

Here is an excellent example of one dog food’s ingredients and the benefits each ingredient has on your dog.

Wholesome, raw dog food diet.


It has been proven that a dog’s diet needs to include high protein due to their bowel size and intestines. Our pooch friends eat at such fast rates, so its important their bodies keep in some of the nutrients in their food. It is why packing in the protein is vital for their health. Most dog food brands include nearly half of the protein requirements in their food. Filling the rest with GMO corn, wheat, and other toxic fillers.


Choosing a dog food that is specific to your dog’s breed is essential as well.  Whether they have are prone to sensitive stomachs, or they are finicky with certain foods, all dog owners need to learn about the best raw dog food.


Popular Healthy Dog Food Trends:



Please don’t let the same tragedy happened to your pup. We have enough data, information and education to help us make the best decision possible for our dogs. Take the quiz to see which dog food is recommended for your dog.



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