What Does Fostering A Dog Look Like? Could It Be For You?



When I bring up the subject of foster care, usually those I speak with don’t instantly think I’m talking about doggie foster care.  And of course, I can’t blame them. Unfortunately, there are thousands of dogs without homes too! Hundreds of dogs are wondering the streets and wildernesses lost and afraid, and without a home. That is why the foster care system for dogs has been set in place to give dogs temporary homes. It is run similarly to the foster care system we have for children, but there are obvious, varying aspects. The most obvious of course is taking home an animal versus a child! 


These are two great reasons why fostering a dog may be for you:

  1. Financial instability: it is often a reason for us to not get a dog. Fostering a dog is a wonderful alternative to having your own dog while doing great for a little pup in need.
  2. You just feel called to help little furry friends find a home. 

If you are interested in helping a lonely and lost dog find a home by becoming their temporary home, there is a lot you need to know before taking that next step. Learn all about foster care for dogs and how you can sign up to foster a dog.


What Is Foster Care for Dogs?


When you decide to foster a dog, you are agreeing to take a homeless dog into your home. You are responsible to provide them with temporary shelter, love, and care for a certain period of time or until they find a permanent home.

There are many reasons why dogs need foster homes and here are some examples:

  •  A rescue doesn’t have an actual shelter, they just have a team of people who bring dogs in and need to find suitable homes until they can be adopted.
  •  The puppy is too young to be adopted.
  •  A dog is recently recovering from surgery or injury and needs a safe home to recover.
  •  The dog has shown signs of too much stress in the shelter.
  •  If a dog has never lived in a home before or been in much contact with people and needs social practice before finding a suitable home.


What Does the Process Involve?

To be a foster parent for a dog you will need to be a compassionate person. Being cooperative, and flexible is key.  You should have a good amount of knowledge of animal behavior. You will also need to understand that there is a possibility that the foster pet may be adopted and taken to another home. All it requires is filling out an application and attending a few training sessions.

You will also be required to have a safe and clean home that will be nurturing to an animal such as a yard, maybe a fence, and a clutter-free home. Moreover, your home will be inspected before being approved for foster care.  The rest of the fostering process is according to the rescue or organization you are working with. They all have varying policies.


Important Questions to Ask Yourself

Before you decide to apply to be a foster parent here are some important questions you should ask yourself:

  •  Are you able to separate the foster pet from your own?
  •  Are you aware there will be a lot of clean-up required or possible damage to your home when you take a foster dog home?
  •  Do you feel confident to monitor the health of a foster pet if need be?
  •  Are you emotionally prepared to return the pet after your foster period is up?
  •  Do you feel comfortable allowing a pet into your home no matter its circumstances or state of health and knowing you didn’t choose this pet yourself?
  • Will you know the history of your pet?

I really hope you say yes to fostering a dog! If you have a foster care story that you’d like to share with us and maybe even be featured please send it directly to me Sam@Waggles.com I can’t wait to hear your foster care story!

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