What Exactly Is Dehydrated Raw Dog Food Anyway?

What Exactly Is Dehydrated Raw Dog Food Anyway?

This topic, of dehydrated raw dog food, is one that plagued me for some time. It wasn’t until I was introduced to Smack dog food when I fully grasped the concept, the science behind it and the sheer logic.

Many of my readers are curious about “dehydrated raw dog food”. They have written in and asked me questions like:

  • Can my dog lose weight on a dehydrated raw diet?
  • Can a raw dehydrated dog food diet help alleviate my dog’s allergies?
  • What is a raw dehydrated dog food diet anyway?
  • Is it true that a dog can live longer on a raw dehydrated dog food diet?

The answer is yes! To all of these questions.  All the science and my own personal testimony have proven that such a diet can have the kind of transformation we desire for our dogs.

Transformations so drastic and in such a short period of time must be backed by great science and understanding what exactly is a dehydrated raw dog food?

For instance, Smack Pet Food naturally preserves their dry dog and cat food by dehydrating it. It eliminates the need for artificial preservatives, salts, sugars or glycerides. Their slow, gentle dehydration process results in a food that is as nutrient-dense and digestible as a completely raw diet. Moreover, it is safe and clean to handle. Raw dehydrated dog food can be stored for up to 21 months. 


Real raw ingredients inside every bag of dog food.

A little goes a long way with this nutrient-dense dog food. The recipes are packed with the necessary ingredients your pet needs to thrive!

SMACK’s recipes start with 95% percent fresh meat, organs, and bone. Their ingredients mirror the whole prey meat-rich diet that dogs and cats require. Unfortunately, most dogs miss out on these essential nourishing ingredients.

A raw dehydrated dog food diet supplies our pets with added superfoods. More importantly, they are packed with vitamins and minerals known to fight cancer, absorb increase levels of nutrients, reduce waste, increase life expectancy and improve any dog’s overall health.

You can read more here, about one family’s incredible transformation, saving their dog’s life. The switch from regular kibble, filler, processed dog food to a raw dehydrated dog food diet, was all the difference.

These ingredients are in every Smack Chunky Chicken recipe. All real, raw, organic ingredients.


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