Why Is Quality Water Essential For Our Dogs?

Why Is Quality Water Essential For Our Dogs?

Summer is right around the corner and I’m hearing a lot of talk about dog hydration. Is it because we’re taking our dog’s out for longer walks now that the weather is shaping up? Or are more people becoming aware of the effects that harm that tap water is causing to our dogs? We may not like to admit it but, water is harmful to our well-being and that of our dog’s. Water is filled with pollutants and directly impacts our health. Quality water is essential for the health and functioning of your dog’s body and here is why.



Why is water essential for your dog?

A dog’s body is made of 80% water. Quality water is necessary to ensure a proper distribution of nutrients. Water aids in the elimination of waste, and keeping cells hydrated to fight against any foreign toxins that may enter the body.

A dog’s hydration is directly impacted by the purification and minerals in the water we give to them. Consequently, water is a much more complex fluid then many would think. Minerals and trace minerals help keep our dog’s hydration and fluid balance. To obtain optimal health for your dog, yes, a raw dehydrated diet is imperative. In addition, the water in which our dog’s ingest is just as important. Furthermore, to keep our dog’s around for as long as possible we’ll need a plan of action that address both their food and water intake. 





Signs of dehydration in your dog:

Here are some ways you can identify if your dog’s hydration level’s are depleted:

  1. Depression – something just doesn’t seem right with your dog, always wants to sleep
  2. Lethargy
  3. Sunken eyes
  4. Dry mouth

How do I know if my dog is getting enough water?

Determining whether or not your dog’s hydration is adequate here are a few things you can do: 

  1. Observe the texture of their tongue
  2. Is their tongue dull?
  3. Are their gums sticky?
  4. Take note, even journal, how much water you are giving them each day.
  5. Measure the amount of water drank in a day.
  6. Gently pull the skin in between your dog’s shoulder blades. If  if their skin quickly flattens back your pet is hydrated and if the skin slowly takes regular shape or continues to stand up your pet may be dehydrated. 


Here are some tips to make sure your pup is getting enough water.

  1. Add water or broth to food. Especially dry food, even our recommended Smack, raw dehydrated food. 
  2. Always leave water in a bowl . Change twice a day. Our pets love fresh water too.
  3. After your pup eats, encourage them to drink some water by tapping on water bowl with kind words.
  4. If your dog isn’t drinking much water, use broth and gradually add water to dilute broth until dog begins to drink on its own.
  5. Travel with water for your pup.



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