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What Does Fostering A Dog Look Like? Could It Be For You? 0

  When I bring up the subject of foster care, usually those I speak with don’t instantly think I’m talking about doggie foster care.  And of course, I can’t blame them. Unfortunately, there are thousands of dogs without homes too! Hundreds of dogs are wondering the streets and wildernesses lost and afraid, and without a home. That is why the foster care system for dogs has been set in place to give dogs temporary homes. It is run similarly to the foster care system we have for children, but there are obvious, varying aspects. The most obvious of course is taking home an animal versus a child!    These are two great reasons why fostering a dog may be for you: Financial instability: it is often a reason for us to not get a dog. Fostering a dog is a wonderful alternative to having your own dog while doing great for a little pup in need. You just feel called to help little furry friends find a home.  If you are interested in helping a lonely and lost dog find a home by becoming their temporary home, there is a lot you need to know before taking that next step. […]
A Look Into The Wild Nature of Dogs.

A Look Into The Wild Nature of Dogs. 0

I just love thinking about what and how our dogs would be when they were in their natural and wild state. Here is how A look at the wild, natural state of a dog and how dogs should eat.    Have you ever wondered what your dog would eat if it was left alone and in the wild? It could be easy for us especially me, to quickly jump into believing that our dog would die on their own.  “How would Cookie ever find food?” My sweet little girl. So it leaves me wondering, how should dogs eat? Shouldn’t they be eating as if we weren’t around, to begin with?   Good thing that is not true! Our dogs wouldn’t die, they would survive like that have for ages before us. Dogs were never intended to survive on man-made kibble. In fact, their “natural” state involves eating prey or as we know them better…mice, rabbits, birds, and insects. Think about wild dogs such as wolves; what does their diet consist of? If you have ever watched animal planet (I’m obsessed) you would know the answer to that, and it’s not store-purchased cheap kibble. They eat prey; it’s how dogs should eat.  […]
6 Irresistible Dogs With Floppy Ears

6 Irresistible Dogs With Floppy Ears 0

I originally wanted this blog list post, to be about dogs with floppy ears and only highlight 5 breeds.  But who am I kidding?! So there are now 6. I think you’ll gush over them as I have. Dogs with floppy ears are simply irresistible. Puppies with floppy ears have something characteristically that draws us closer. It instantly draws us to start speaking in our “doggie voice”. All puppy and dog breeds have their own signature characteristics, but those floppy ears! I just cannot get enough of them. Dogs breeds like Harbors and these other breeds, it’s their big floppy ears that set them apart from the pack. Here are 6 dog breeds with floppy ears that will get you saying ‘awe’ in your ”doggie voice” all day long!    1. Black and Tan Coonhounds   Black and Tan Coonhounds, like Harbors, are known for their enormous floppy ears. This breed’s origins are right here in the USA. Not surprisingly, they have quickly become a world-renowned star! These lovable, dogs with floppy ears are known for their friendliness and affection toward their family members. Despite their ears being the constant center of attention, they socialize very well with other dogs.  […]
Raw Dehydrated Dog Food, Explained.

Raw Dehydrated Dog Food, Explained. 0

If you’re like me, you’re already feeding your dog the raw dehydrated dog food that adds years to your dog’s life. Or if you’re reading this article…well, you’ve either… A. Heard about it and now need to know more or B. You are sick of your dog’s suffering from allergies, bad breath, overweight, joint pain and or cancer and are willing to do whatever it takes including educating yourself about your dog’s diet. So this article is definitely for you. I wanted to get to the nitty-gritty behind this awesome and trending news of the raw dehydrated dog food movement. Currently, this movement fosters all the rage and buzz in pet food industry. Many of my readers have been enthusiastically embracing this way of life for their pets. The results have led our curious readers to want to know more about the science behind raw dehydrated dog food.       Our pets require a lot of real, nutrient-rich raw foods. Foods that are often difficult to work with, especially when we consider our busy schedules. For instance, bone in raw chicken. It’s not an ingredient that we would want to cut and leave out for our dog to consume. We now know that […]
10 Reasons For Why & How We Can Help Our Dogs Lose Weight.

10 Reasons For Why & How We Can Help Our Dogs Lose Weight. 0

I am known to gain a little weight every now and again. Oh you know you are too! Right? And yet still, we know how bad it is for us humans to yo-yo diet. So can it be, that it’s just as bad if not worse for our little fur-babies? Here are the top 10 reason’s to help us, I mean our dogs lose weight now.   Helping your dog slim down isn’t just a matter of your dog looking better than others at the dog park- it’s a heart thing, a life well lived matter. So let’s see how we can help our dogs lose weight and help them to be the best doggie they can be.         There are many short and long-term reasons for slimming down your overweight dog that will invigorate and strengthen both of your lives.   Top 10 Reasons Your Dog Needs To Trim Down:   1. Dog Obesity is more serious than one would think. Just like humans who have obesity issues dogs too are susceptible to health-related issues. Cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, joint issues, and diabetes are among the leading health issues that will affect the quality of life for […]