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Dog Probiotics

Waggles' Dog Probiotics, made by Rescue Pet Food, help give dogs relief from itchy skin and supports their overall health. The treats are infused with probiotics. Probiotics help stabilize digestion, reduce inflammation, and support the immune system. Rescue Pet’s Dog Probiotics were laboratory tested and proved helpful in minimizing reactions. There are two varieties: allergy relief and immune support. Allergy Relief - These treats help reduce inflammation and itching caused by allergens. The ingredients are hypoallergenic. Immune Support - Support snacks are enhanced with a combination of probiotics and enzymes. The allergy formulation and immune boosting treats are available in several flavors of USDA-graded and organic meats.

High Quality Premium Dog Food Brands

Waggles serves only high-quality dog food with pet owners in mind. They select only foods they would serve their pets health and wellbeing. Some of their dog food brands are: Smack: A dehydrated dog food, Smack dog food can be served dry or mixed with water to create a softer wet food. Smack earned a 5-star dog food rating. The kibble is made with human-grade meats and organic fruits and vegetables. Almo: Another premium dog food, The Almo Nature Legend line only uses high-quality sourced (HQS) proteins, which are fit for human consumption. Some flavor choices are chicken and tuna. High-Quality Dog Food: Some of the qualities Waggles looks for in their healthy dog food lineup are: