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Dehydrated Raw Dog Food

Waggles carries a specialty line of dehydrated raw dog food called Smack. Owners can serve dehydrated dog food like dry nuggets, or if your dog needs softer food, add a small amount of water. This raw dog food contains only human-grade meat, which means the facilities they originated from were inspected and deemed to produce food fit for human consumption. The chicken is free from antibiotics, the wild salmon is fresh from British Columbia, and the rockfish and herring are harvested from the Pacific Northwest. A raw diet for dogs consists of premium meats, fruits, and vegetables. Some of the dehydrated Smack varieties are:

Bully Sticks

Waggles knows how to tackle heavy chewers. Bully Sticks are powerful chews produced from grass-fed beef raised on the open range. The treats are easily digested, and they are available in a variety of thicknesses and cuts to match every dog's needs. The straight sticks come in two lengths: 6 or 12 inches. Combination sticks offer different textures and can add variety to a pups chewing pattern. They are available in 7, 9, and 15 inches.