About Us

The Waggles Brand came to be through the same method that so many others do - we saw a problem and wanted desperately to fix it. That problem was the inability to access high-quality, GMO-free, human-grade pet food that could be delivered to our door on our schedule. As consumers ourselves, we searched tirelessly to find an online resource that was simple - always healthy, always human-grade and didn’t require seemingly endless searching for the right product for our cat or dog. We wanted clear descriptions of the ingredients, how those ingredients were sourced, and instructions for the best way to feed it to our pets. As dedicated pet owners, we were through settling for the run-of-the-mill rotation of pet foods and set out to create a source of pet food that consumers can always rely on. 

What started with a dream to carry a few healthy pet food brands blossomed into a partnership with one of the finest quality pet foods on the planet, SMACK Raw Dehydrated Pet Food, and Almo Nature. We made it so our website visitors could sign up to receive their food at an interval that works best for them and their pet at a discounted price with our subscriptions service and needless to say, people are loving it. Beyond just offering fresh, human-grade based, GMO and grain-free, we began to build our inventory in other areas too. We introduced helpful pet parent items like pet water filters, healthy all-natural treats, fun pet toys, and more!

Our mission here at Waggles is to design a pet-parent shopping experience that is convenient, without sacrificing consistent quality and care for our customers and their beloved fuzzy family. Pet’s are such an integral part of so many families, so here at Waggles, we think it’s best to feed, clean, and care for them as if they really are our family. We’re here to deliver on that mission and support our fellow pet-parents and their furry companions as their go-to source for all things fun, natural, and healthy.