Almo Dog and Cat Food

All About ALMO Dog and Cat Food

Choosing the right food for your pet is one of the most important parts of being a pet owner. ALMO Nature is an all-natural pet food company that returns 100% of its profits to cats and dogs. ALMO was founded in 2000. According to the company, their philosophy revolves around "the quality and origin of the ingredients used for its dog and cat food in order to formulate recipes according to their point of view". They are also the first company to release a line of wet pet food that consisted entirely of ingredients that are fit for human consumption! They have also recently released an innovative cat litter with no chemical additives whatsoever. 

ALMO offers food for dogs and cats, as well as several sub-brands. Each of their products has unique benefits and features. You are sure to find the perfect fit for your dog or cat! 

The phrase "HQS" means high quality sourced. It means meat or fish that “originally were fit for human consumption” and that are now used for pet food only. All ingredients used in this brand's pet food are HQS products. The benefits of HQS products include: 

  • Higher protein and vitamin content.
  • Low and natural fats.
  • Grain-free!
  • Better digestibility.

ALMO Dog Food 

ALMO dog food is made with all HQS ingredients. This product line is named Legend dog food. 

Features and Benefits of this product include: 
1. Pre-cooked HQS chicken and tuna cooked in their own broth. 
2. High-energy, low-calorie formula. 
3. Good for both high-energy and overweight dogs. 
4. Additive-free! 

The different flavors offered include Chicken Fillet, Chicken Drumstick, Tuna and Chicken, Skip-Jack Tuna, and HMS Chicken with Carrots. ALMO Dog Food is an excellent choice for your dog, and you're sure to find a delicious flavor that your furry friend will love! 
You can find ALMO Legend Brand Dog Food here:

ALMO Cat Food 
ALMO Cat Food, with its many selections, is an excellent choice for any cat's dietary needs. They have five different sub-brands of cat foods that are sure to include the perfect option for your cat's needs! 

ALMO Natural Cat Food 
This sub-brand has many features and benefits: 
1. Contains only natural proteins, vitamins, and essential amino acids. 
2. 100% HQS ingredients. 
3. High-energy source. 
4. Additive-free! 
5. Over 22 different flavor options! 

You can order ALMO Natural Cat Food  online here. 

ALMO Complete Cat Food 
The features and benefits of this sub-brand include: 
1. Contains 60% meat and fish. 
2. Added vitamins and minerals. 
3. Over 11 flavor profiles to choose from. 
4. Grain-free! 
5. Natural and well-balanced meal. 
6. Includes HQS chicken, tuna, salmon and mackerel! 

You can order this product online here. 

ALMO Green Cat Food 
Features and benefits of this product include: 
1. Made with a unique cooking process. 
2. Raw-packed HQS chicken steamed in individual pouches. 
3. Rich in micronutrients and taste. 
4. Use as additive to diet, not as a complete meal. 

You can order this product online here. 

La Cucina Cat Food 
This product's unique features and benefits include: 
1. Pre-cooked gourmet HQS tuna and chicken. 
2. Makes even the fussiest cat happy! 
3. Complete meal--no additives needed! 
4. Six different flavor profiles to choose from! 
5. Natural source of essential amino acids. 

You can order this product online here. 

ALMO Daily Cat Food 
Features and benefits of this product include: 
1. Pre-cooked red tuna meat cooked in its own broth. 
2. High source of energy and protein. 
3. For balanced nutrition, rotate with different protein sources. 
4. Five different flavor profiles to choose from! 


Grab some ALMO Daily Cat Food Here!

Somewhere within all these choices of ALMO Cat and Dog food is the perfect choice for your dog or cat. Go online now to our website and check out all the amazing products they have to offer.